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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Critical Performance Areas

Administrative Objectives: To maintain a departmental system of planning on a one-year basis, setting forth critical continuing objectives and specific annual objectives, and the use of resources to achieve those objectives.
  • Prepare an annual management charter
  • Prepare an annual budget to support service objectives
  • Develop written department policies and procedures and review annually
  • Monitor compliance with department policies and procedures
  • Monitor quality of services provided to families, customers and outside agencies
  • Maintain public records for the office
  • Collect revenues for services provided by the office as determined by the Kewaunee County Board of Supervisors
  • Prepare and report statistics for the information of the County Board, state and local agencies, other coroners and medical examiners, and the public.
  • Provide professional training and continuing education for all staff to maintain competence
  • Maintain staffing levels that allow duties to be assigned and completed effectively and in a timely manner
  • Provide medicolegal death investigation services to Kewaunee County 365 days per year
Death Investigation Objectives: To provide professional death investigations and related services as effectively as possible for the citizens of Kewaunee County.
  • Provide services with the highest regard for human dignity, and work with the recipients of services on an individual basis without regard to prejudice
  • Provide a fair, honest and legally just death investigation
  • Respond to reported deaths in a timely manner
  • Work in collaboration with forensic experts and investigative agencies in performing death investigations
  • Conduct or order the conducting of an autopsy or other examinations of a medicolegal or forensic nature as may be required to determine the cause and manner of death
  • Submit specimens and reports to external agencies as required by Wisconsin Statutes
  • Prepare complete, accurate and detailed reports of death investigations to include the circumstances surrounding the death that are known, medical information pertinent to the investigation of the death, findings of forensic tests or examinations, interviews with witnesses and next of kin, release of the body for final disposition, and the cause and manner of death as certified
  • Assist the District Attorney in performing a legal inquest if, in the Coroner’s judgement, such an inquest is necessary, or at the request of the District Attorney, or per state statutes Ch. 979
  • Testify the facts and conclusions disclosed by autopsies performed and make physical examinations and test results pertinent to criminal matters available before a court or District Attorney
Other Service Objectives: To prepare and maintain complete written reports regarding all investigative deaths, permits, fees, property and statistics. To issue certificates, permits and reports in a timely manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality of protected medical information and medical records
  • Comply with open records law while protecting the integrity of an ongoing investigation in cooperation with the district attorney and law enforcement
  • Maintain paper and electronic files of investigations
  • Provide copies of Coroner’s reports to the next of kin and official agencies
  • Provide certificates and permits in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes and office policy in a timely manner 
Public Relations Objectives: Provide quality services and perform duties in a manner sensitive to those grieving the loss of the deceased, whether they are family, friends, or a community
  • Conduct duties with respectful consideration of cultural and religious practices
  • Maintain dignity of the deceased
  • Provide information to the next of kin regarding a death and/or autopsy results in a compassionate and humane manner, and prior to releasing information to the media
  • Provide investigation results to the next of kin or family members promptly and in such a manner as to not compromise ongoing investigations
  • Provide news releases regarding a death investigation in cooperation with the investigating law enforcement agency and in such a manner as to not compromise ongoing investigations
  • Support the donation of anatomical gifts in accordance with the Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 146, while maintaining the integrity of a death investigation
  • Provide information about grief resources, organ and tissue donation and other resources where appropriate
  • Educate the citizens of Kewaunee County about the functions and responsibilities of the Coroner’s office
  • Work in partnership with other organizations and agencies toward the reduction of preventable deaths