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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Key Objective

The key objective of the Coroner’s Office will be accomplished by satisfying the following commitments:
Public Service Commitment: To perform the duties of the Office of Coroner as outlined in Wisconsin Statutes with integrity, compassion and professionalism.  To provide quality service utilizing appropriate resources, and to promote public health and safety.  To be accountable to citizens of Kewaunee County for managing all activities and operations of the Coroner’s office in an effective and efficient manner.
Professional Commitment: To provide services that meets or exceeds the standards of practice for Wisconsin coroners as defined by the Operational Guidelines of the Wisconsin Coroner and Medical Examiners Association.  To promote professional standards of medicolegal investigation in Kewaunee County and the State of Wisconsin.
Interagency Commitment: To work cooperatively with local, state and federal agencies including but not limited to: the Department of Justice, the Department of Health Services, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Natural Resources, the State Laboratory of Hygiene, and law enforcement and emergency services agencies.