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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
When is the first installment or full real estate tax payment due?
The full payment or the first installment option is due on or before January 31.​

How do I change my mailing address?
You can download & complete a change of address form.

You will need to fill it out, print it and then mail it to the address listed below.
You may also put your change of address requests in writing.

Include your name, property address, mailing address and parcel number.

Forward them to the Kewaunee County Treasurer, 810 Lincoln Street, Kewaunee,  WI  54216

What if I miss the January 31 deadline?
If the first installment is not paid by January 31, the entire unpaid balance becomes delinquent (voiding all installment options) and is subject to interest and penalty effective February 1 at a rate of 1.5% per month (18% per year) until it is paid in full.

Where and how do I pay my property taxes?
Please see "Payment Options"

What method of payment do you accept?
  • Cash
  • Personal Check            Please make ALL CHECKS payable to: 
  • Cashier's Check           Kewaunee County Treasurer  
  • Money Order
  • Credit/Debit Card - processing fee of 2.39% (minimum $1.50)
  • E-check - processing fee of $1.50
How much are my taxes?
For the amount of your current taxes, please refer to your tax bill or contact our office at (920) 388-7131.

What did I pay in property taxes last year?
This information is available on your tax receipt. We encourage you to request, save and file your receipts so you have them available for the preparation of your yearly income tax form. Payment information is also available by contacting the Treasurer's Office at (920) 388-7131.

What was my lottery and gaming credit last year and how do I apply for next year?
Lottery credit amounts change every year.

To find out the amount of your current year lottery credit, please see your tax bill or call the Treasurer's Office at (920) 388-7131.

Why didn't I get a copy of my tax bill?
Have you advised our office of any changes in your mailing address before November 15th?

Perhaps you have requested that your tax bill be sent to your mortgage company?

Tax bills are mailed to property owners in mid-December.

If you have not received your bill by December 20th, please contact the Treasurer's Office at (920) 388-7131.

You are responsible to pay your property taxes in a timely manner, whether or not you have received your tax bill.

What happens if I don't receive a real estate tax bill?
If you do not receive your tax bill by December 20th, please contact the Treasurer's Office and verify that your mailing address on file is correct. 

Failure to receive a property tax bill does not relieve taxpayers of their obligation to pay their taxes in a timely manner, nor does it negate interest and penalty charges that may accrue.

Can I have my tax bill sent directly to my mortgage company?
While you may request this, we strongly advise against this practice.  If you do select this option, please be advised that all correspondence from our office will be directed to your mortgage company.

What if I escrow my taxes through my mortgage company?
You are ultimately responsible for the payment of your property taxes.  You should verify that your taxes were paid through the escrow.

My payments are delinquent.  May I make weekly or monthly payment on them?
Yes.  We encourage taxpayers to set up a regular payment plan to assist in getting delinquent taxes paid in full.

Why am I being charged interest and penalty when I paid my first installment in full on February 1st?
If the entire amount of your first installment is not paid in full to your local municipality on or before January 31st, then two things will occur.

First, per state statute (74.11(7) or 74.12 & 74.85 Wis. Statues) you will be assessed a 1.5% interest and penalty charge per month beginning February 1st.

Second, you will lose the option of paying your taxes in installments for the current year.  The entirem amounts of your taxes are due and any unpaid balance will continue to accrue interest and penalty until completely paid in full.

Taxes paid after January 31st must be paid to the Kewaunee County Treasurer.

Can you forgive some of the interest and penalties on my delinquent taxes?
No, state law sets interest and penalties on delinquent tax amounts. There are no allowances to make any adjustments in those laws.

How does the Treasurer determine if a real estate tax payment isconsidered timely?
Per State Statue 74.69(1):  Propety tax payments are considered timely if:
  • They are in a properly addressed envelope.
  • They are postmarked on or before the respective due dates, with postage prepaid.
  • They are received by the proper official not more than five days after the prescribed date for making the payment.
We urge taxpayers to mail payments several days early to avoid postal delay.

You may consider going to the Post Office and having them hand-cancel your envelope to assure a timely postmark.