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Kewaunee County Wisconsin

In concert with the Regional Emergency Medical Services Plan, the purpose, powers, and duties of the EMS Council shall be as follows:

(1) The EMS Council shall develop and coordinate a county wide plan for emergency medical services and shall act as the resource agency under state and regional plans for emergency medical services, also advisory to the County Director of Emergency Management and the County Public Health Director.

(2) The EMS Council shall have responsibility for the evaluation of a comprehensive system for the delivery of services with the EMS service agencies covered by the plan, including determining the need for services, evaluating the effectiveness of the use of resources in meeting such need, and establishing priorities in meeting such needs.

(3) The EMS Council shall advise the County Board of Supervisors of the needs for improved emergency medical services, of the status of existing programs designed to meet those needs, and to recommend new programs and services as needed.

(4) The EMS Council shall review pertinent data and projections to help in the county planning process, indicated the need for particular legislation, and shall make available to the County Board of Supervisors, through the Health Committee and other committees when appropriate, the information and research relating to the effects of proposed legislation.

(5) The EMS Council shall render appropriate technical assistance to providers of services in the planning and service area covered by the area plan.

(6) The EMS Council shall act as the mechanism through which the voices of the general public can be heard on any and all issues relating to the provision and functioning of emergency medical care or other Emergency Services in their community.

(7) The EMS Council shall maintain liaison with the Kewaunee County Board Health Committee to:

      (a) Exchange data and information.

      (b) Avoid duplication of EMS planning and program efforts.

      (c) Assures integration of EMS services into the larger health care delivery system.

Contact:  Tracy Nollenberg - Department Director
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