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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Home & Garden Pesticides

Pesticides are chemicals used to kill or repel pests.  Pesticides include many common household products which you may not consider particularly hazardous, such as disinfectants and flea collars.  Examples of pesticides include herbicides (which kill plants), insecticides (which kill insects), fungicides (which kill fungus or mold), rat poisons (which kill rats) and disinfectants (which kill bacteria).

All home and garden pesticides are toxic or poisonous to some degree.  In many areas, residents are not permitted to dispose of poisonous substances down the home drain or into the septic system disposal.  All products included on this page pose a health hazard if misused and a long-term hazard to drinking water quality if improperly disposed.

This information covers the following: general-use pesticides, disinfectants, mothballs & flakes, no-pest strips, pet collars, powders and shampoos and wood preservatives.

If you have questions about disposal of specific home and garden products not described here, please call your local or county public health or solid waste department.  For alternatives to pesticide usage, contact your county extension agent. 

NOTE:  In light of rapidly changing information about the toxicity of hazardous substances, readers are cautioned to take personal responsibility for following the guidelines here.  If you need additional advice, contact your county extension office or your district DNR office hazardous waste section.