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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Outdoor Warning Sirens

Outdoor Siren testing in Kewaunee County is done the first Wednesday of each month at approximately 11:45 a.m. 
  • The sirens will sound for about one minute. 
  • Learn the warning signals used:
  • Public outdoor siren systems have steady siren tones that last three to five minutes. 
    • This warning is also used for tornadoes, chemicals spills or other emergencies
Emergency vehicles, such as police cars, will sound their sirens while moving at slow speeds.

What to do When Sirens Sound:
  • Go indoors
  • Tune to a local media or Emergency Alerting System (EAS) radio station for instructions as to what you should do. 
Radio Stations for Area Counties are:
  • WLKN 98.1 FM
  • WCUB 980 AM
  • WLTU 92.1 FM
  • WOMT 1240 AM
  • WQTC 102.3 FM
  • WGBW 1590 AM
  • WDOR 910 AM & 93.9 FM
  • WAUN 92.7 FM
  • WBDK 96.7 FM
  • WQDC 97.7 FM
  • WRKU 102.1 FM
  • WRLU 104.1 FM
Need Assistance?
  • Call only if you need help!
  • Avoid unnecessary phone use during an emergency.  An overloaded system may delay important communications
  • If you DO need help, please call
Kewaunee County Sheriff - (920) 388-3100 - Non-Emergency
Manitowoc County Sheriff - (920) 683-4200 - Non-Emergency

Where Should I Go?
  • If an emergency occurs and evacuation is required, you will be directed to your county's Reception Center
  • Evacuation routes will be announced via local EAS radio stations (listed above)
  • Move quickly, do not rush or panic.
  • If you have room in your vehicle, take neighbors or friends who need a ride.
  • Law enforcement will have patrols to ensure that your property is safe.  Only those authorized will be allowed into the evacuated areas.
For more information about evacuation in Kewaunee County, select the EVACUATION LINK.