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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Outdoor Warning System

Outdoor warning sirens are designed to warn people outdoors to go inside and tune in to a source of media.

If you hear the siren sounding, get inside and tune in to your local radio, TV, internet or NOAA weather radio for information.

When other forms of technology are not available a NOAA weather radio will provide necessary emergency information.

Tornadoes are unpredictable and can cause injury, death and structural damage.

Severe thunderstorms can also cause injury/death, structural damage and may produce tornado(s) with little or no warning.

Take shelter, if needed, to protect yourself and/or family.

Kewaunee County DOES NOT issue an “all clear” tone on sirens. Such a notice could be confusing to residents in the event of additional warnings.

You may purchase a NOAA weather radio at Kewaunee County Emergency Management office or a local retailer.


Should you have any questions relating to severe weather and siren activation, please feel free to contact Kewaunee County Emergency Management at (920) 845-9700.