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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Warning System

Warning systems are designed to warn people to tune in to a source of media for more information.

If you receive a notification from a warning system, get inside and tune in to your local radio, TV, internet or NOAA weather radio for information.

When other forms of technology are not available a NOAA weather radio will provide necessary emergency information.

Tornadoes are unpredictable and can cause injury, death and structural damage.

Severe thunderstorms can also cause injury/death, structural damage and may produce tornado(s) with little or no warning.

Take shelter, if needed, to protect yourself and/or family.

Kewaunee County DOES NOT issue an “all clear” tone on outdoor warning sirens. Such a notice could be confusing to residents in the event of additional warnings.

You may purchase a NOAA weather radio at Kewaunee County Emergency Management office or a local retailer.


Should you have any questions relating to severe weather and siren activation, please feel free to contact Kewaunee County Emergency Management at (920) 845-9701.