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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Adult Protective Services

Adult protective services is an at will service. A competent person or a guardian has a right to refuse this service.

Adult protective services are provided to any adult over 18 who is suffering from or endanger of experience any of the following:

Neglect – significant danger to a person(s) physical or mental health when a person responsible for his or her care is unable or fails to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, or medical/dental care.

Self Neglect – significant danger to a person(s) physical or mental health when the person(s) is responsible for his or her own care but is unable to provide food, shelter, clothing, or medical/dental care

Physical Abuse – the willful affliction of physical pain or injury or unreasonable confinement on a person(s).

Material Abuse/Financial exploitation – is the misuse of a person(s) property or financial resources.

The main focus of adult protective services is to relieve the individual of any form of abuse and to maintain them in the least restrictive and safest environment. Services that may be provided:
  • Information and Referral for outside services
  • Guardianship of the Person and/or Protective Placement in other Residential Settings
  • Case Management
If you know of someone who may be abused or if you yourself feel you are being abused please call and report the abuse/neglect to Kewaunee County Human Services at (920) 388-7030.

Protective Placements/Representative Payee:

When individuals are unable to make appropriate decisions and require the protection of society, court intervention is sought. The law focuses on persons who have been declared incompetent.

Services may occur in the community, nursing home, or other similar facility that provides the least restrictive environment to meet the person’s needs. Guardianship - State statutes govern the standards and procedures for guardianship of persons who are mentally incompetent. A guardian may be appointed to manage an individual’s financial and/or personal affairs.