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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Coordinated Services Teams Program

What is the Coordinated Services Teams (CST) Program?

CST is a family centered, community-based initiative that aids with the development of a coordinated system of care for youth with behavioral health needs. CST is a team process, giving parents voice, access, and ownership to what happens in their family. CST focuses on team building using the wrap around philosophy. It offers a family the means to address their concerns while maintaining their voice in the process of planning.

Wisconsin’s Wraparound Vision:

To transform the children's mental health and substance use system to better meet the needs of children and families by developing a seamless, comprehensive children's behavioral health system by utilizing wraparound as a model for support.

Who is Eligible for CST?

CST Initiatives are for youth who are involved in multiple systems of care such as mental health, substance abuse, child welfare, youth justice, special education, or developmental disabilities. Youth must be under 21 and a resident of Kewaunee County.

This would also include youth who:
  • Have a severe emotional disorder.
  • Are at risk of placement outside of the home.
  • Are in an institution, however, would be able to return to a community placement or their homes if services were provided.
  • Used when other interventions have not been successful.
  • Willingness to be involved in the CST process.