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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Invasive species are a growing environmental and economic threat to Kewaunee County and coastal resources.

The current threats posed by invasive species are significant. Invasive species are degrading the county’s forests, grasslands, waterways, and beaches, impacting agriculture, and reducing the enjoyment of recreation areas and trails. 

The biggest threats and highest priorities include the following: (some present/abundant, while others have not yet been found in the county, but their detection is a priority under NR-40): Phragmities, Chinese Yam, Marsh Thistle, Flowering Rush, Japanese knotweed, Leafy Spurge, Oriental bittersweet, Purple loosestrife, Swallow-wort, Tall manna grass, Wild parsnip, Teasel, Curly-Leaf Pondweed, Rusty Crayfish, Eurasian Water-Milfoil, Zebra mussel, Starry Stonewort, Yellow Iris, Aquatic forget-me-not, and narrow-leaf cattail.