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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Nutrient Management: refers to the use of manure and other fertilizers to meet crop nutrient needs, while reducing the potential for them to run off fields to lakes, streams and groundwater. 

Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast Interactive Map - When it is RED DO NOT Spread!

Important Dates
  • Nutrient Management plans & updates are due annually by April 15th
  • No manure applications on less than 20 ft to bedrock January 1st through April 16th
Nutrient Management Farmer Education class
  • Farmers are taught to write their own Nutrient Management Plans
  • Courses are held every Winter (Date to be determined)
    • Two sessions
    • Private sessions available:
      • $500 Attendee Stipend - Successfully complete a compliant Nutrient Management Plan
      • $750 Soil Sample Reimbursement
Additional Resources: