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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Communicable Diseases, also known as infectious diseases or transmissible diseases, are illnesses that result from the infection, presence and growth of pathogenic (capable of causing disease) biologic agents in an individual human or other animal host. Infections may range in severity from asymptomatic (without symptoms) to severe and fatal. The term infection does not have the same meaning as infectious disease because some infections do not cause illness in a host.

Statewide communicable disease surveillance and control activities in Wisconsin are coordinated by the Bureau of Communicable Diseases and Emergency Response. Communicable diseases that occur in Kewaunee County are reported to the Kewaunee County Public Health Department for a confidential consultation regarding disease surveillance and follow-up for certain infectious diseases including food and water-borne, sexually transmitted, vector-borne, or vaccine preventable diseases. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website for more information regarding communicable diseases.

If you have questions regarding communicable diseases or any health related issue, please call your health care provider or the nurses at the Kewaunee County Health Department at (920) 388-7160.
The most effective way to stop the spread of communicable disease is handwashing.

Visit the CDC's website to learn how clean hands can save lives!