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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Will of Deceased Person:
Under Wisconsin law, the original Will for every deceased person shall be filed with the Register in Probate within 30 days of death. The will of a deceased person is public record.

Deposit of Will for Safekeeping:
A Kewaunee County resident may deposit his or her will for "safekeeping" with the Register in Probate.  A will on file for safekeeping is confidential until the testator passes away. (The testator is the maker of a will)  There is a one-time statutory fee of $10.00 for this service.  The will must be in a sealed envelope with the testator's name and address noted on the outside of the envelope.  The Register in Probate will provide a receipt at the time of deposit.

The will may be withdrawn at any time by the testator upon proof of identification.  If the testator is physically unable to retrieve the will, contact the Probate Office for further instruction.