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Kewaunee County Wisconsin

Radio Operator/Jailer, $29.72/hour

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This is a combined Radio Operator and Jailer position. Maintain the most effective enforcement of Federal and State laws and ordinances for the preservations of public peace, protection of property, prevention of crime, and the arrest and conviction of violators. This position is responsible for the supervision of all inmates secured in the Kewaunee County Jail and includes knowledge and operations of the Kewaunee County Communication System, which includes the receiving, and dispatching of emergency services within the county.  Provides courtroom security for the Circuit Court, Juvenile Court and Family Court in the courthouse.  Provides security in and around the courthouse during times when the courthouse is open for regular business and/or court is in session.
Supervises inmates
Maintain accurate records 

Administers periodic drug testing.
Responsible for the transportation of inmates to and from: 
-Medical and dental facilities. 
-Court and related activities. 
-Other correctional facilities. 
-Mental health institutions. 
-Any other locations as directed. 

Responsible for Court Security when assigned:
-*Must hold Certification by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board for law enforcement officer. 
-Coordinates with Circuit Court Judge, District Attorney, Clerk of Courts and Family Court Commissioner to provide courtroom security in the Kewaunee County Courthouse.  Check for weapons at times and in a manner directed by the Court and/or Sheriff. 
-Conduct periodic uniformed foot patrol in and around the courthouse when not required to be present in court.  Deals with disruptive and disorderly persons in and around the courthouse. 
-Serve as court officer for traffic court. 
-Assist in the investigation of threats within the court system. 
-Process all traffic and County ordinances and violations, to include computer entries. 
-Coordinates evacuation procedures with courthouse personnel. 
-Signs complaints in the District Attorney’s office regarding bad checks and traffic cases. 
Escorts inmates to and from court. 

Process monies collected on citations, executions and warrants. 

Maintain Intoxilizer records and certifications. 

Appears and testifies in Court or other hearings as required. 

Maintains jail security and provides for medical, mental or other attention necessary for the inmates’ welfare. 

Receives calls of need or distress and dispatches necessary agencies, manpower, or equipment needed to handle the complaint or report. 

Maintains record of all activities while on duty and submits them to the immediate supervisor. 

Responds to disturbances and altercations and investigates as appropriate. 

Coordinates emergency responses and personnel to include fire department, wrecker services and ambulance needs. 

Responds to inquiries and complaints from the public. 

Determine proper and legal charges for jail admissions 

Manage ID and fingerprint operations of inmates and suspects. 

Monitor inmate canteen and money accounts. 

Distribute medication as necessary 

Supervise cleaning of jail and inmate living areas. 

Supervise inmate meals. 

Assist jail cook when needed. 

Assist jail nurse when needed. 

Oversees inmate cleanliness and distributes linen and clothing exchange. 

Maintains accurate and complete jail records. 

Monitor Jail and Courthouse security cameras. 

Responsible for bloodborne pathogen and body fluid cleanup procedures. 

Maintains CAD computer system. 

Monitors NAWAS and TDD telephones. 

Supervise and attend to HUBER inmates:
-Schedules report dates for Huber inmates 
-Screens all prospective Huber candidates and validates acceptance. 
-Manages all monies of Huber inmates, incoming and outgoing. 
-Does periodic work inspections of Huber inmates. 
-Handles all Huber related grievances and complaints. 
-Investigates Huber violations and recommends discipline. 
-Assist Huber inmates in obtaining employment. 
-Schedules work release out/in for Huber inmates. 
-Sets up and supervises inmates’ on the home monitoring program. 
-Does periodic home inspections 
-Sets up and supervises inmates with childcare provisions. 
-Sets up and supervises all programming and education needs or Huber inmates. 
-Sends outstanding debts of inmates to collections. 
-Responsible for upkeep and maintenance of transport van. 

Familiar with all department policies and procedures. 

Manage inmate movement within the jail. 

Manage Jail Laundry 

Mange Inmate Visitation 

Manage warrant and warrant lists. 

Manage inmate phone system. 

Provide DNA testing. 

Do miscellaneous duties as directed by supervisors. 
 Ability to effect an arrest or restrain an inmate, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs or other restraints pursue or subdue resisting inmates or suspects using maneuvers and weapons and resort to the use of hands and feet and other approved weapons or devices in self-defense.

Ability to communicate effectively and coherently with other officers and inmates using existing communications systems.

Able to pursue fleeing inmates or suspects and perform rescue operations and other duties which may involve quickly entering and exiting secured areas and law enforcement patrol vehicles, lifting, carrying and dragging heavy objects, climbing through openings, jumping over obstacles, ditches and streams, crawling in confined areas, balancing on uneven or narrow surfaces and using bodily force to gain entrance.
Ability to perform searches of people, vehicles, mail items, objects of concealing contraband, buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve feeling and detecting objects, walking for long periods of time and detaining people.

Ability to load, unload, aim and fire from a variety of body positions, handguns, shotguns, rifles and other agency firearms under conditions of stress that justify the use of deadly force and at levels of proficiency described in department standards. 

Able to conduct visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time. 

Able to effectively communicate with people, including minors, by giving information and directions, mediating disputes and advising of rights and processes. 

Able to demonstrate communication skills in Court and other formal settings. 

Able to detect, collect and protect evidence and substances that provide the basis of a criminal offense, infractions, or administrative violations and detect the presence of dangerous conditions. 

Able to endure verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile view and opinions of inmates/suspects and other people encountered in an antagonistic environment. 

Able to read and comprehend legal and non-legal documents, including the preparation of processing of such documents as citations, affidavits, warrants, medical instructions, commitment orders, summons and other legal writs. 

Able to perform crisis intervention functions to include counseling, suicide prevention, recognizing abnormal behavior and taking appropriate actions. 

Able to break up fights and affrays and take necessary steps to restore and maintain order. 

Ability to follow written and oral instructions. 

Ability to work independently, exercises sound professional judgment and effectively utilizes authority. 

Prioritize multiple tasks and meet scheduled deadlines. 

Knowledge of office and department terminology, polices, practices and procedures. 

Ability to work without daily supervision and make accurate, rapid, independent decisions regarding panning, scheduling, and in completing work priorities and scheduling duties.  Excellent organizational skills high level of maturity and accuracy and strong degree of self-direction and motivation is required. 

Knowledge of federal and state constitutions, stare laws and county ordinances. 

Knowledge of basic computer operation, including entering, retrieving, storing and changing information.

Ability to type accurate, meaningful reports. 

Ability to deal with prisoners, suspects and criminals in an appropriate manner. 

Ability to maintain control of large groups or potentially dangerous situations. 

Ability to evaluate dangerous or criminal situations to determine appropriate assistance needed and take actions as needed. 

Ability to interview and gather facts from witnesses and victims in an appropriate manner. 

Ability to safely handle, and effectively use, police related weapons including firearms, impact weapons and chemical sprays if certified to do so. 

Ability to perform weapon an contraband searches of people, vehicles, mail items an objects, building and large outdoor areas, which may require feeling for small objects, walking for long periods of time and taking people into custody. 

Ability to conduct visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time. 

Ability to safely and effectively drive motor vehicles at high rates of speed and under all types of conditions. 

Ability to meet physical demands of the position.  

Ability to pass reasonable health requirements, including physical, mental and drug screening. 

Ability to professionally act as a member of a team, accept instructions and orders and display a high level of self-discipline. 

Ability to multitask. 

Knowledge of roads and landmarks within the county. 

Knowledge of departmental and jail policies and procedures. 

Ability to maintain strict confidentiality. 

Able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. 

Ability to perform clerical tasks such as filing, recordkeeping, answering the telephone and managing monies. 

Maintain Jail, CPR and TIME system certification. 

High School diploma or GED equivilent.  Must possess a valid Wisconsin Drivers license. Certification or capacity to meet certification requirements established for Jail and Communication Officers. Knowledge of  laws and ordinances and of departmental rules, regulations, policies and procedures. No Felony convictions. Ability to pass a medical physical exam, psychological exam, and background check. Certification by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standaards Board is preferable but not required. 
 Ability to coordinate eyes, hands, feet, and limbs in performing semi-skilled movements such as operating a firearm and physical restraint devices.  Ability to operate a motor vehicle and familiarity with various office equipment. Must be in good physical condition with the ability to occasionally exercise strenuous strength and agility, typically involving some combination of climbing and balancing, stooping, crouching, crawling, grabbing, lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling. Ability to recognize and identify degrees of similarities or differences between characteristics of colors, forms, sounds and odors associated with job-related objects, materials and ingredients. The performance of tasks may involve risks to the physical safety or health of law enforcement officers operating under emergency conditions, and may require the use of firearms.  Work may occasionally be performed outdoors in cold or inclement weather. Must have 20/20 vision or correctable to 20/20 
Hearing ability in each ear must not exceed threshold failure limit of 20 dB at 1,000 Hz, 2,000 Hz, and 4,000 Hz.  Hearing correction options are allowed as long as the deputy can safely perform his/her duties. 

This description has been prepared to assist in properly evaluating various classes of responsibilities, skills, working conditions, etc. present in the classification.  It is intended to indicate the kinds of task and characteristic levels of work difficulty that will be required of positions that will be given this title.  It is not intended as a complete list of specific duties and responsibilities; nor is it intended to limit or in any way modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of similar kind or level of difficulty.

Equal Opportunity Employer