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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
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Register in Probate - Adoptions
  • State of Wisconsin Adoption Records Search Program - Download

Register in Probate - Guardianship
  • Monthly Ledger - Download
    Monthly ledgers for guardian's use in the process of the annual accounting.  Categories are suggestions and may be adjusted to fit your ward's needs.

  • Yearly Ledger - Download
    To be used in the compilation of the monthly ledgers for the annual accounting process

  • Petition for Expenditure - Download
    Prior to expenditure of a ward's assets over $500.00 per single item, a guardian must petition the court for approval of the expense

  • Delegation of Powers By a Parent - Download

  • Instructions to Access Guardian Training - Download

  • Training Requirements for Guardians - Download

Register in Probate - Juvenile
  • Community Service Work Program Contract - Download
    The court may allow community services hours as payment for a fine or forfeiture.  The court's order must be followed and the community service must be approved prior to beginning.

  • Juvenile AODA Education - Download

  • Not Guilty Plea Form - Download

Register in Probate - TPR
  • Attachment to TPR Order - Download

  • Form CFS 134 - Court Report for Centralized Birth Record - Download

  • Form CFS 142 - Affidavit to Provide Identifying Information - Download

  • Form CFS 149A - Family History Questionnaire (Pregnancy & Delivery) - Download

  • Form CFS 149 Family History Questionnaire - Medical-Genetic - Download

Register of Deeds - Vital Records
  • Birth Certificate Application - Download

  • Death Certificate Application - Download

  • Divorce Certificate Application - Download

  • Marriage Certificate Application - Download