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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Mar. 26, 2021 - Kewaunee County Awarded $1.4 Million Broadband Expansion Grant

Jennifer Gonzalez
Public Information Officer, Kewaunee County
Office: (920) 388-0567
March 26, 2021
Kewaunee County Awarded $1.4 Million Broadband Expansion Grant
KEWAUNEE COUNTY, WI – Kewaunee County has just been awarded a $1.4 million broadband expansion grant, it’s the largest grant yet from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC), to help bring high-speed internet access to businesses and residents.
The $1.4 million grant funding will support an estimated $4 million project by Hilbert Communications, LLC, which is the parent company of Bug Tussel Wireless, LLC, to build a 61.7 mile fiber route throughout Kewaunee County. The fiber route will improve broadband support for the wireless service currently being installed to serve Kewaunee County residents.
“This grant helps to continue our commitment to our residents to provide better broadband access to allow students and parents to work from home. In addition, improved internet service can attract families to the area by offering a rural lifestyle without sacrificing the need for modern technology,” said Scott Feldt, Kewaunee County Administrator.
Currently, Kewaunee County is working with Bug Tussel Wireless , LLC on installing equipment on six existing towers as well as erecting six new towers throughout Kewaunee County. When complete, the project is estimated to cover nearly 90% of the County, a project made possible from previously awarded grant money by the PSC.
In 2020, Kewaunee County was awarded $960,000 and in 2018 the County had received $40,000 towards its broadband expansion initiative.