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Kewaunee County Wisconsin
Jan. 24, 2024 - Sheriff Joski on Proper Pill Disposal

Sheriff Matt Joski- "For many years we have known the dangers of drugs in our society, but recently we have seen a trend of pharmaceutical drugs being obtained, used, and sold illegally. Regardless of how the drugs are obtained, when they are used in any way other than how they were prescribed by anyone other than who they were prescribed to, it is a crime.

If you or a family member have unused or expired prescription drugs in your home, please consider dropping them off at the Kewaunee County Sheriff's Department, where we will dispose of them properly. This is a better alternative than flushing them down the toilet, as studies have shown the long-term effects this has on our water supply.

24/7 drop off is available at the Kewaunee County Safety Building at 620 Juneau St. in Kewaunee. We ask that you please remove pills/items from their original containers and place them in a clear plastic bag. There are no questions to answer, and it only takes a few minutes."